Here are of some of the most significant projects realized with the marble supplied by Ziche Marmi: these are important buildings where the use of prestigious marbles has given elegance and carachter to the spaces. Thanks to the vast and constant availability of marbles, Ziche can handle important projects, even those with with huge quantity demand, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the tonality of the selected stones. The quality of the processing and the high selection of the marbles make Ziche Marmi a competitive and trustworthy partnet for the production and installation of marble slabs and floorings.

Mall of Arabia – Jeddah

The Mall of Arabia of Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, is a big shopping center inaugurated in 2009. Ziche Divisione Marmi, has provided more than 500,000 sq ft of marble floors for the project. The Botticino Semiclassico marble is a beige colored Italian marble endowed with elegant dark brown veins..

Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore, it is the world’s most expensive building, at US$ 5.7 billion[1]. It hosts a shopping mall, a theatre, a hotel, a museum and many restaurants. The surface of the shopping mall at Marina Bay Sands is over than 70.000..

Bennet Shopping Centre – Verolanuova

The shopping centre Bennet of Verolanuova has a surface of over 15.000 square metres. It has been inaugurated in 2006, and it hosts more than 40 shops. The floorings are covered with polychrome marbles forming geometric designs. Among the marble used, there are: Botticino Fiorito,..

Gala Shopping Mall – Azerbaijan

The Gala Shopping Mall is a modern building recently built in Baku, Azerbajian. Its architecture is extremely miniman and elegant and it is based on a modular concept, shaped by simple geometrical..

Marina Bay Sands Theatre – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore . Inside of it, there are a mall, a casino, a hotel, a museum, and many restaurants. In the Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands, some of the floorings are maiden of Botticino Classico marble.

Forum Grimaldi – Montecarlo

The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco is a conference and congress centre located on the seafront of the quartier Larvotto. Inside the building, there are many conference rooms, a theatre, and exposition spaces. Grimaldi Forum also host the draw for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League,…

Chiesa della Natività di Maria Vergine – Berlingo

La Chiesa della Natività di Maria Vergine a Berlingo è stata costruita a cavallo fra il diciassettesimo e il diciottesimo secolo. La Ziche per questo progetto ha optato per un forte abbinamento fra l’intenso colore scarlatto del Rosso Asiago e il dominante beige del Botticino Classico…

Caruso Hotel – Ravello

The Hotel Caruso is a XI century palace, which welcomes famous guests in wonderful rooms. The main attraction of the hotel is the infinity pool, with an impressive view on the gulf and on the sea. Ziche has provided the marble for the flooring surrounding the pool and other external areas..

Bellerive Hotel – Salò

The Bellerive Hotel of Salò is one of the best hotels of Garda Lake. The elegance and the appeal of its rooms are admired by the many illustrious guests. On the floorings, the Botticino Marble and the marble Primavera Venata (veined) are gently pull close, and creates astonishing..

Trump Tower – Las Vegas

The Trump Tower of Las Vegas is a luxury hotel located on the Fashion Drive, next to the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise. The tower is named after its owner Donald Trump. The external windows of the tower are gilded with 24-carat gold and the floorings are maiden of marble Breccia Damascata..

Private Residence – Brescia

This luxury private residence is located in Brescia (Italy). Ziche used Botticino Semiclassico marble for the external floorings and the sidewalks of the garden. All the floorings have been realized with the exclusive finishing called Desenzano.

Old Town – Dubai

The Old Town Dubai is a residential neighbourhood in Dubai downtown, surrounded by an artificial lake. Ziche have provided more than 9.000 square metres of marble for the floorings, and the internal claddings . The marble chosen for this project is called Botticino Semiclassico..

Park Villas – Casablanca

Park Villas is a residential district, in Casablanca, Morocco, composed by numerous residences. In every residences, the floorings, some claddings and some chimneys have been realised using Botticino marble. The different types of Botticino marble..

Ambrosio Residence – Brescia

The Ambrosio residence is a luxury penthouse in Brescia Downtown. Many marbles have been pulled together creating a warm and suggestive atmosphere. The marbles, merges with the furniture, becoming a table, a sink, or a shelf. The different kinds of marble used..

Private Villa – Cannes

The allure of this exclusive private Villa, located in Cannes in the heart of the Côte d’Azur surely comes from the “buon gusto”, the good taste which led the juxtaposition of various elements in a perfect union.

Nave de vero mall – Venezia

“Nave de vero” is a name in the venetian dialect which literally means glass boat. It is a modern mall, inaugurated on the 16th April 2014. Supported by modern services and a great location, this important shopping centre hosts many world-famous brands. Ziche has supplied more than..

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