Here are of some of the most significant projects realized with the marble supplied by Ziche Marmi: these are important buildings where the use of prestigious marbles has given elegance and carachter to the spaces. Thanks to the vast and constant availability of marbles, Ziche can handle important projects, even those with with huge quantity demand, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the tonality of the selected stones. The quality of the processing and the high selection of the marbles make Ziche Marmi a competitive and trustworthy partnet for the production and installation of marble slabs and floorings.

Railway Station - Brescia (Italy)

Ziche Marmi supplied the cut to size in marble required for the floorings of the two underpasses before the railway, for the nearby stairs and for the borders of the platforms. The material used for this project is the Botticino Semiclassico marble, extracted from one bancata(quarry-layer)..

Youth Centre - Rezzato (Italy)

The design of the new Oratorio di Rezzato was curated by the architecture firm Pietrobelli and Zizioli, which also availed itself of the advice of the Polytechnic of Turin with its working group coordinated by the Senior Arcitect Francesca Thiebat. It is a hospitable place with many..

Petrovsky Passaj - Moscow (Russia)

The Petrovsky Passage is a luxury shopping center opened in 1906 in Moscow. It is a building with great historical and architectural value. The floors of this shopping center were made with two classic Italian marbles: the Botticino Semiclassico and the Rosso Asiago. Ziche Marmi..

Private Residence - Brescia (Italy)

For this elegant private residence, Ziche Marmi provided the materials used for the construction of the internal floors, the bathrooms and the fireplace of the living room. All these elements are made of Botticino Classico marble, a simple yet elegant material. Ziche Marmi extracts..

Nativita di Maria Vergine - Berlingo (Italy)

The Church Nativita’ di Maria Vergine in Berlingo was built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Over the years, several restorations have been completed to preserve the beauty of the monumental complex. For this project, Ziche Marmi supplied the marbles used for the..

Nave De Vero - Venezia (Italy)

The Nave De Vero shopping center was inaugurated in 2014, near Venice. In the mall, there are over 120 shops and 8 restaurants, with points of sale of numerous leading international brands. Ziche Marmi has supplied more than 15,000 square meters (about 160.000SF) of marble floors,..

Private Residence - Brescia (Italy)

For this elegant residence in the heart of Brescia, Ziche Marmi supplied and laid the marble used to cover some of the walls. The material chosen is Zebrino, a classic material from the Apuan Alps. Thanks to its bold veins and to the book-match installation, it strikes the visitor’s..

Private Residence Isola Dana - Doha (Quatar)

Isola Dana is the jewel of the crown of Qatar, a peninsular system made up of nine independent units used as private residences, also for the Royal Family. It is located at the far end of the exclusive residential complex The Pearl in Doha. Each villa has a private port as well..

San Giulio - Roma (Italy)

For the Church of San Giulio in Rome, Ziche Marmi supplied the blocks of marble Bianco Sivec and Rosso Alicante which have been processed to obtain the furnishing elements of the high altar. Bianco Sivec and Rosso Alicante, come from Greece and Spain respectively. They are particularly..

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands is a complex of buildings that dominate Marina Bay in Singapore. According to Wikipedia, it is the most expensive complex of buildings in the world, worth more than $ 5 billion (2014). Inside, there are a shopping center, a theater, a casino, a hotel, a museum and..

Private Residence - Argentario (Italy)

In this elegant villa located in the Argentario peninsula, the boundaries between the internal and external spaces are blurred creating a unity of environments. The Botticino marble floor is the element in common of both spaces. Even the most important furnishing elements are made..

Sanctuary Madonna della Neve - Adro (Italy)

Ziche Marmi supplied all the marble for thresholds, window sills, covers and stairs for the area adjacent to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve of Adro (Italy). The Grigio San Marco marble was chosen in a bush-hammered and brushed finishing. This material has a strong structure,..

Hospital - Desenzano (Italy)

For a partial renovation of the Desenzano hospital, Ziche Marmi has supplied stairs and floorings made with marble Botticino Semiclassico. It is a durable material that is well suited to be used also for walkways in public places affected by the continuous passage. Ziche Marmi extracts..

Private Residence - Marseille (France)

For this elegant residence in Marseille, Ziche Marmi has supplied its Botticino Cremo, a material characterized by the great durability and the extremely warm hue that allows interior designers to create welcoming environments. Bossicino Cremo is easy to match with other furnishing..

Gala - Baku (Azerbaijan)

Gala Shopping Mall is a modern shopping center, located in Baku in Azerbaijan. The extremely minimal and elegant architecture is based on a modular concept with simple geometric lines. The sharpness of the structures is accentuated by the use of a non-malleable material such as marble..

Railway Station - Asti (Italy)

For the Asti railway station, Ziche Marmi supplied the marble used for the underground access corridor to the platforms. The material used is Botticino Semiclassico Marble. To guarantee the maximum consistency in the color of the supplied tiles, all of the material was obtained from..

Private Residence - Cannes (France)

The allure of this luxurious private villa, located in Cannes in the heart of the French Riviera, comes from the good taste of the pick and of the combination of its elements. In this artistic composition, marble plays the role of the protagonist, both in the living room, in the..

Headquarters Credito Valtellinese - Milano (Italy)

The new building of Credito Valtellinese Banking Group in Milan is a prestigious project inaugurated in 2014. The elegance and the rigor of the tradition are elements that characterize the large floors made of Botticino Classico marble, harmonizing with the idea of ​​modernity that..

Headquarters Housing Bank TF - Amman (Giordania)

Ziche Marmi collaborated in the construction of the headquarters of the HBTF Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in Amman in Jordan, supplying its Botticino Light marble used for the construction of over 1,500 square meters of indoor flooring. The choice of this precious material,..

Private Residence - Marrakech (Morocco)

For this elegant residence in the heart of Marrakech, Ziche Marmi has created a Port Laurent marble table. This a vividly colored material perfectly fits with the atmosphere of the residence and of all Marrakech.

Carre Eden - Marrakech (Morocco)

Carre Eden is a new Shopping center in Marrakech, for which Ziche Marmi supplied over 6,000 square meters (about 65.000 SF) of Botticino Semiclassico. The choice of this marble has been taken considering its a very hard structure and its warm color that make it durable and particularly..

Railway Station - Cremona (Italy)

Ziche Marmi supplied the marble claddings for the underground access to the tracks and for the stairs of the Cremona railway station. Ziche Marmi supplied for this project its Botticino Semiclassico marble selecting blocks coming from one quarry-layer (bancata) only of its Paine..

Private Residence - Brescia (Italy)

In this elegant private residence in the center of Brescia, marbles of different shades were used for the construction of all floors, bathroom coverings and the important kitchen. The most valuable elements of the furnishing accessories are those that Ziche Marmi has designed and..

Trump Tower 5th Avenue - New York (U.S.A.)

The elegance and value of Italian marble are recognized all over the world and several thousand of square meters of Breccia Damascata marble, supplied by Ziche Marmi, were used in the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York for the construction of the floors of the entrance hall and..

Hotel Bellerive - Salò (Italy)

The Bellerive hotel in Salò is one of the hotel excellences of Lake Garda, also famous for the elegance of its rooms where Botticino marble, Primavera Venata and Travertine are delicately combined and admired by its guests. The total use of marble in the project was over 3,000 square..

Mall Of Arabia - Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

The Mall of Arabia in Jeddah is a modern shopping center located in the homonymous city of Saudi Arabia. Inside there are points of sale of the most famous international brands. Ziche Marmi has supplied over 30,000 square meters of Botticino Semiclassico marble for the construction..

Private Residence - Ghedi (Italy)

In this countryside residence in Brescia area, Ziche Marmi supplied the marbles for the internal and external floors, the bathrooms and the stairs. The material mainly used is the Fiorito Fantastico Ziche, chosen for the living room floor in a polished finish. This marble is a Ziche..

Forum Grimaldi - Monaco (Montecarlo)

Forum Grimaldi is the modern congress center of the Principality of Monaco, located on the seafront in the Larvotto district. Inside there are many conference rooms, a modern theater and exhibition spaces. The covering of the pedestrian walkway on the waterfront is made of Botticino..

Old Town - Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Old Town Dubai is an elegant residential neighborhood located in the central area of ​​the city, surrounded by an artificial lake. The architecture of the buildings is similar to that of traditional buildings, especially in the Al-Bastakia neighborhood of Bur Dubai. The walls and..

Private Residence - Tel Aviv (Israele)

In this elegant private home in the heart of Jerusalem, Cremo Avana marble was chosen to make all the interior floors of the living area. Cremo Avana is an exclusive marble, extracted in the Paine quarry owned by Ziche. Its beige color and tobacco-colored veins warm the atmosphere..

Park Villas - Casablanca (Morocco)

Park Villas is a residential complex consisting of numerous private villas in Casablanca. In all the villas, the floors, claddings and fireplaces were made of Botticino marble in its various types of Classico, Semiclassico and Fiorito. The use of this marble with a polished finish..

Hotel Trump International - Las Vegas (U.S.A.)

Also in the Trump Tower in Las Vegas there is the Ziche’s print and its made in Italy. This is a luxury hotel located on Fashion Show Drive near the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise. The external windows of the tower are 24-carat gold-plated and the floors are made of Breccia Damascata..

Princess Nourah University - Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

For Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Ziche Marmi supplied over 1,200 m2 of Botticino Light marble for the construction of the internal flooring. The choice of this material, with a very hard structure and a warm color, allowed to obtain a particularly..

Private Residence - Paris (France)

In this elegant residence in Paris, Ziche Marmi supplied and installed its Cremo Avana, marble with its characteristic hardness and extremely warm hue that allows interior designers to create welcoming environments. Cremo Avana marble is an exclusivity of Ziche since it is extracted..

Business complex - Sarezzo (Italy)

Ziche Marmi has supplied over 600sqm of Diorite for the external floors of this new office building in Sarezzo. Diorite is a granite with excellent structural characteristics, suitable for outdoor use, especially in the sandblasted finish which also makes it non-slippery when wet..

Municipal square - Bovezzo (Italy)

For the floors, claddings and benches of this square, Ziche Marmi has supplied over 700 square meters of Botticino marble. This marble has excellent technical characteristics that make it suitable for outdoor use, in public places and in climates characterized by harsh winters. Ziche..

Trump National Golf Club - Westchester (U.S.A.)

For the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester in the state of New York, Ziche Marmi supplied the Breccia Damascata marble, thus inserting in this context a precious Italian material and its own made in Italy. Ziche has supplied for this project, almost 3,000 square meters, in slabs..

Private Residence - Brescia (Italy)

In this private residence built near Brescia, Botticino Semiclassico marble was chosen for the external floors and garden walkways. All floors are made with the exclusive Puntaziche Desenzano finish which ensures full harmonization with the other natural elements of the garden. The..

Hotel Caruso - Ravello (Italy)

The Caruso Hotel is one of the most luxurious spa hotels in Italy, built in an 11th-century-building in the town of Ravello, the jewel of the Amalfi coast. The undisputed protagonist of the hotel is the infinity pool from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire gulf..

Private Residence - Brescia (Italy)

For this elegant private residence, Ziche Marmi provided the materials used for the external porch. The columns and external floors were made using Botticino marble. The finishing of the columns is a particular bush-hammering and it is a simple but very valuable process because it..

Theatre Marina Bay Sands - Singapore (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world and is the symbol of the city of Singapore. Those who access the theater inside it can appreciate the elegance of the floors made with Botticino Classico marble by Ziche. This precious marble, immediately recognizable..

Dubai Duty Free - Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

For Dubai Duty Free in the United Arab Emirates, Ziche Marmi supplied over 9,000 m2 of Botticino marble for the construction of the internal flooring. The choice of this material, with a very hard structure and a warm color, has allowed to obtain a particularly elegant and luminous..

Private Residence - Manerba (Italy)

In this elegant Villa overlooking Garda Lake it was chosen to cover the entire area adjacent to the swimming pool using a series of Italian marbles from the Alpine Alps: the Botticino Semiclassico and Rosso Asiago, combined with an Indian material, Quarzite Rainbow. The finish used..

Trump Tower UN Plaza - New York (U.S.A.)

The Trump Tower at United Nation Plaza is one of Manhattan’s most famous skyscrapers, used as luxury residences. For this project, Ziche Marmi supplied the Breccia Damascata slabs used for the vertical floors and walls of the entrance hall and the lift area. Breccia Damascata is..

Bennet - Verolanuova (Italy)

The Bennet shopping center in Verolanuova has an area of ​​over 15,000 square meters with over 42 stores. Inaugurated in 2006, it is a large and functional space, whose galleries are covered in polychrome marble and decorated with geometric designs. The combination of the beige color..

Private Residence - Brescia (Italy)

For this elegant residence in the Province of Brescia, Ziche Marmi realized the marble finishes of the bathrooms, the internal stairs and the swimming pool. The different materials used have color tones ranging from yellow to pink, from beige to brown but are all united by the Italian..

Boutique Al Manara - Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Al Manara is one of the most important jewelry groups in Abu Dhabi. Botticino Fiorito and Black and Gold were used for the vertical coverings of this new boutique, combined in horizontal bands to create an elegant and charming atmosphere. The facade is as alive as a tapestry. The..

Hotel Trump National Golf Resort - Doral (U.S.A.)

For the Trump National Golf Resort Hotel in Doral in the state of Florida, Ziche Marmi supplied the Breccia Damascata Marble, thus inserting in this sumptuous context a precious Italian material and its own made in Italy. Over 1,500 square meters of slabs were used for the construction..

Wynn Casino - Macau (Macau)

The Wynn Macau is a famous luxury hotel with over 400 suites; inside there is also a casino with over 500 gaming tables. Opened in 2006, it was the first casino resort in Asia. The Botticino Classico marble by Ziche was chosen for part of the floors of the game rooms and bathrooms:..

Hotel Summit - Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The Summit Hotel in Dubai is a modern hotel accommodation for which Ziche Marmi has supplied over 1,400 square meters of marble slabs. The floors of the entrance hall and the restaurant were made by combining the Botticino Semiclassico and the Emperador Dark, both in polished finish..

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