The new building of Credito Valtellinese Banking Group in Milan is a prestigious project inaugurated in 2014. The elegance and the rigor of the tradition are elements that characterize the large floors made of Botticino Classico marble, harmonizing with the idea of ​​modernity that the architect wanted to impress on the entire building. To ensure maximum color consistency of the product, the Botticino Classico supplied was obtained from blocks coming from a single quarry-layer (bancata) of the Paine quarry owned by Ziche. Ziche Marmi processes all the blocks at its own plant in Nuvolento (BS), realizing all the phases of the production chain from the sawing of the blocks to the production of customized cut-to-sizes. The overall use of marble in the project was over 1,000 square meters.
cut to sizes and installation
1200 MQ

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