The Church Nativita' di Maria Vergine in Berlingo was built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Over the years, several restorations have been completed to preserve the beauty of the monumental complex. For this project, Ziche Marmi supplied the marbles used for the renovation of the internal floors and of the main external staircase. In the nave the classic combination between the intense scarlet color of Rosso Asiago and the dominant beige of Botticino Classico can be admired. The two materials are interrupted only by a thin band worked in Puntaziche finish. This particular finish , designed and built by Ziche Marmi, has an artisanal taste and is an aesthetic detail of great value. The remaining part of the floors are in a polished finish. Thie finish reflects the natural light coming from the high windows, helping to illuminate the rooms. Completing the flooring, the vertical claddings of the walls are made of Breccia Aurora, a marble characterized by the intensity of its colors and its veins. All these architectural choices give the nave a perspective momentum with a fresh and modern character, while maintaining the characteristics of solemnity proper of the Catholic tradition.
cut to sizes and installation
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