The Nave De Vero shopping center was inaugurated in 2014, near Venice. In the mall, there are over 120 shops and 8 restaurants, with points of sale of numerous leading international brands. Ziche Marmi has supplied more than 15,000 square meters (about 160.000SF) of marble floors, also taking care of their installation, on-site honing and application of a protective treatment using solvent-based products. The combination of Botticino Cremo marble with the Fiorito Fantastico creates an elegant and modern atmosphere, which gives to Nave di Vero an amazing luxurious appearance. The most used marble of the Nave De Vero is Botticino Cremo, a material with a very hard structure and almost free of porosity; these characteristics make it perfect for the shopping center flooring, walked over by thousands of people every day. Fiorito Fantastico is a marble characterized by a very clear and uniform beige color and a crystalline structure, whose sharpness stands out particularly thanks to the combinations with Botticino Cremo and Azul Bahia, materials with darker shades. The inserts of Azul Bahia constitute an element that creates chromatic dynamism by interrupting the homogeneity of color.
cut to sizes and installation
14000 MQ
1000 MQ
700 MQ
150 MQ

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