polished, honed, flamed

Volakas is a famous marble coming from the North of Greece, from the homonymous town where the numerous quarries are located. The blocks of this marble are medium to large in size and are produced in good quantities. Volakas is a marble with a light background color, with grey veinings, which recalls some traditional marbles from Tuscany. There are different varieties of Volakas, depending on the mountain of origin and the clarity of the background color. The main types are Classic and Nuvolato. Volakas slabs often need resin treatments, to reduce natural micro-cracks or microfractures. Ziche Marmi resins all Volakas slabs in the modern factory in Brescia, processing with triple vacuum resining with epoxy resins, a process of very high quality that preserves the natural color unaltered. This marble is commonly used for floors, stairs, walls, thresholds, with multiple finishes.

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