Verde Luana is a historic marble extracted in quarries located in Italy. This marble has a unique green colour, very bright and intense: wavy veins and white stains garnish the slabs. The structure of Verde Luana is not particularly crystalline, and the slabs are not perfectly polishable. The slabs of Verde Luana usually need to be resined, because they may present some defects or micr-cracks. Ziche resins all the slabs of Verde Luana in the modern factory in Brescia (IT), where each slab is resined three times with vacuum epoxy resin. This treatment allows to increase the structural qualities of this marble without affecting its natural colour. Verde Luana is widely used in the local stone industry, especially for outdoors uses, for example for floorings, claddings, tables, chimneys, stairs,..

Finishings: honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,Ziche il Marmo - Puntaziche
Also known as: Verde Luana marble, Green Luana

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