Verde Aver
polished, honed, brushed

Verde Aver marble is a historic Italian marble extracted from quarries located in the Aosta Valley. The blocks produced are usually of medium size, and the slabs are characterized by an intense green background color. The light white veins are an intrinsic feature of this marble. Verde Aver marble has a good structure the processing with epoxy resin, which is applied to almost all the slabs. Ziche Marmi carries out this processing at the highest quality and technological levels at its Brescia plant, where the Verde Aver slabs are resined three times in vacuum with epoxy resins, reducing micro-cracks and porosity and maximizing their structural qualities. The strong structure of Verde Aver allows its use in multiple contexts, both inside and outside with various finishes, even if the polished is the one that most enhances its intense green color.

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