Rosso Laguna
polished, honed

Rosso Laguna is an oriental marble with a characteristic damask red color. The quarries of Rosso Laguna produce small and medium-sized blocks in good quantity, which need to be carefully selected to have the most intense red slabs. Rosso Laguna is a very hard and resistant marble, used for high-quality projects often in combination with other materials with more neutral colors that balance its strong impact and compositional weight. Rosso Laguna slabs usually need resin treatments to reinforce their structure and repair any natural microfractures. Ziche Marmi resins all the slabs three times in vacuum with epoxy resins, maximizing their structural qualities without changing their precious natural color. Rosso Laguna marble is mainly used for interior applications with polished finish, and in particular for stairs, floors, walls, claddings, fireplaces,…

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