Rosa Tea
saw cut, polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted, bushammered

Rosa Tea is an oriental marble with vivid pink color and homogeneous structure. Sometimes, in addition to the salmon pink color, there are also golden veins. The quarries produce large blocks that are however scarcely available. Rosa Tea slabs must be treated with resin to repair any defects, microcracks or porosity may occur. In the modern plant in Brescia, Ziche Marmi resin all Rosa Tea slabs three times in vacuum with epoxy resins. This high-quality process is made possible by the application of the most modern technologies and allows to have slabs with a perfect structure without altering their natural color. Rosa Tea is mainly used for interiors, and especially in polished and brushed finishes. This marble can be used for floors, stairs, claddings, thresholds,..

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