The Yellow Siena, also known as “Giallo Siena” is one of the most famous and precious italian marbles. The marble Giallo Siena is characterised by the color of its background: a strong yellow with many orange and white veins and variations. The blocks of Yellow Siena are hard to extract and their size is mainly medium or small. Also the slabs have many fissures and they need to be resined. Ziche resins all the slabs of Yellow Siena with triple vacuum epoxide resin, which is a high quality process, realised with the maximum technologies available. The “Giallo Siena” is a very elegant and precious marble, used fot important projects and mosaics. It is commonly used for internal floorings, tiles, countertops, stairs,..

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed
Also known as: Yellow Siena marble, Giallo Siena, Giallo Siena Classico

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