lucido, levigato, spazzolato, sabbiato, rigato, bocciardato, fiammato.
pavimenti interni ed esterni, rivestimenti, scale, decorazioni, top, piani cucina, piatti doccia

Giallo Noce is a marble characterised by the yellow ocher colour, mainly used for internal floorings with the polished finishing. The quarries produces blocks medium and small sized, which have low availability. The slabs of Giallo Noce need to be resined in order to fix some cracks, defects or porosity which may occur. Ziche vacuum resins three times all the slabs of Giallo Noce with epoxy resins, in the modern factory near Brescia (IT). This top-quality process is possible thanks to the use of the highest technology available, and allows to obtain slabs with a perfect structure, without affecting the natural colour of this marble. Giallo Noce is a marble characterised by the vitreous structure, often used also for marquetry thanks to its bright yellow color.

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,
Also known as: Giallo Noce marble

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