lucido, levigato, spazzolato, sabbiato, rigato, bocciardato, fiammato.
pavimenti interni ed esterni, rivestimenti, scale, decorazioni, top, piani cucina, piatti doccia

Fossil Black is a very original marble, extracted in quarries located in North Africa. Many marble fossils decorate its black background, creating a unique and very elegant aspect. The quarries of Fossil Black produce blocks in good quantity. Tee blocks are medium or small sized and cut in the sense of the vein because they come from a layer which has a maximum height of 50 cm. The slabs of Fossil Black are used for particular projects, for fascinating vertical coverings and other original details. The slabs of Fossil Black must be resined, and Ziche can carry on this process at the highest qualitative and technologic level. In fact, in the modern factory of Brescia (IT), Ziche vacuum resins three times all the slabs of Fossil Black, using epoxy resins. This process eliminates the porosity of the material and fixes the defects or the micro-cracks which may occur, enhancing the structural qualities of this marble and not affecting the natural color. Fossil Black is mainly used with the polished and brushed finishing which enhance the color and the fossil profiles. This marble is often used in combination with other lighter marbles with a more neutral color, for example Botticino or Carrara.

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,
Also known as: Fossil Black marble

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