lucido, levigato, spazzolato, sabbiato, rigato, bocciardato, fiammato.
pavimenti interni ed esterni, rivestimenti, scale, decorazioni, top, piani cucina, piatti doccia

Caesar Brown is a marble characterised by the intense brown background, extracted from quarries located in North Africa. The quarries produces good quantity of medium sized blocks. The blocks can be cut in the sense of the veins or cross cut. When the block is cross cut, the slabs have consistency in color and vein pattern, while when the blocks are vein cut the slabs vary in tones. In this case, there are three selections of Caesar Brown: dark, medium and light. Caesar Brown is a marble characterised by the strong structure and usually does not need to be resined and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The main finishings applied to this marble are the polished, honed and brushed. Caesar Brown is commonly used for floorings, stairs, claddings, tiles, ventilate facades, countertops, columns,..

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,
Also known as: Caesar Brown marble(light, medium, dark)

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