Breccia Oniciata
polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted

Breccia Oniciata is a historic Italian marble, extracted from quarries located in the mountains near Brescia. This marble is characterized by the mixed color that varies between beige, pink and red. The quarries of Breccia Oniciata have a good production and the extracted blocks usually have medium and large dimensions. The Breccia Oniciata slabs are crossed by numerous veins and are therefore particularly suitable for book-match applications. It is a particularly hard and compact marble, especially after it is treated with resins. This process is carried out on all the slabs by Ziche Marmi in the modern factory in Brescia (IT) where all the slabs are processed with triple vacuum resining with epoxy resins, a very high-quality process that minimizes the porosity and the natural micro-fractures that are naturally present in the material. The main finish chosen for the slabs is usually the polished one. Breccia Oniciata is a marble used for interiors and exteriors, for floors, walls, claddings, stairs, thresholds, kitchen tops…

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