Breccia Capraia
polished, honed, brushed
Fior di Pesco Apuano, Breccia Capraia

Breccia Capraia is a historic Tuscan marble with a white color and purple and green veins. The quarries have a good production of medium and large blocks. Breccia Capraia slabs are always resined. Ziche Marmi resins all Breccia Capraia slabs three times in vacuum with epoxy resins, a process of very high quality that repairs all the micro-cracks or porosity of the material, enhancing its structural qualities, without altering its natural color. Breccia Capraia is suitable to be used in projects also with book-match application that enhances the peculiar veining and chromatic variations. Breccia Capraia is mainly used for interiors, with a large variety of finishes. It is commonly chosen for floors, stairs, claddings, kitchen countertops, columns, ..

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