lucido, levigato, spazzolato, sabbiato, rigato, bocciardato, fiammato.
pavimenti interni ed esterni, rivestimenti, scale, decorazioni, top, piani cucina, piatti doccia

Botticino Classico is a famous italian marble, extracted also in the quarry Paine, owned by Ziche. This quarry has an extension of over 250.000 square metres, and is the biggest quarry in the whole Botticino basin. The marble Botticino Classico has unique characteristics: a clean beige background with some sharp brown veins, and an enviable strong structure. The quarries that can produce this marble are very few in the Botticino basin, and this rarity contributes to increase the value of this marble. The slabs and the floorings of marble Botticino Classico are extraordinary elegant in the polished finiture, and perfect for indoor uses where the settings acquire brilliance and a luxury charm.
The impressive structural qualities of this marble, make it suitable and very resistant also for outdoor uses. The marble Botticino Classico is commonly used for floorings, claddings, stairs, countertops, ventilate facades,..

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,
Also known as: marble Botticino Classico

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