Bianco Thassos
lucido, levigato, spazzolato
Bianco Thassos

Bianco Thassos is a famous Greek marble with a crystalline white color and fine grain. The Bianco Thassos quarries have a good productivity and the extracted blocks are usually small and medium. The whitest slabs of Bianco Thassos, with the purest color, ore only those who pass a careful selection and are used for high-quality projects. Thanks to their crystalline structure, the slabs of Bianco Thassos are not resinated, and they are particularly beautiful in polished finishing, which gives this marble an extraordinary shine. Bianco Thassos is a marble almost exclusively used for internal applications often in combination with other marbles with darker or vivid colors, such as Botticino marble, Rosso Francia, Carnico Gray or other marbles from Tuscany.

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