Bianco P, or “White P” is a famous italian marble, extracted in one quarry only, located on the “Alpi Apuane” mountains. Bianco P is an ancient and prestigious marble, that have been used for many sculptures and famous projects for example the Bahrain World Trade Center. This marble has a milky color absolutely uniform and lacking of movements. The blocks with these characteristics are the result of an accurate selection and are difficult to be found. Bianco P has a good structure, and is used for floorings, and claddings in indoor applications, sculptures, statues, and funeral elements. The main finishing applied the White P is the polishing, because it enhances at most the rare white uniform color. Its light color, makes the use in combination with other dark marbles, very elegant.

Finishings: polished, honed
Also known as: marmo Bianco P, Bianco Piastreta, Bianco PS, White P, White PS, White Pastreta

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