Residenza Ambrosio
Residenza Ambrosio Ziche marmo

The Ambrosio residence is a luxury penthouse in Brescia Downtown. Many marbles have been pulled together creating a warm and suggestive atmosphere. The marbles, merges with the furniture, becoming a table, a sink, or a shelf. The different kinds of marble used for this project are:

More than 200 metres of marble have been used for this project. In the following gallery, the use of the Primavera Venata combined with Rosso asiago, and the impact on the settings and the other elements of the room can be appreciated. The atmosphere is elegant and simple at the same time. The marble has been used for the living room, the washrooms, the kitchens, and the bedrooms.

Primavera venata
Primavera Venata
Rosso Asiago
Rosso Asiago al verso
Giallo Reale al verso
Giallo Reale al verso
Botticino Cremo Marmo
Botticino Cremo

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