Breccia Oniciata

Breccia Oniciata is an historic italian marble, extracted in quarries located in the North of Italy, among the lower Alps. This marble is characterised by an intense colour, which ranges between beige, pink, brown and red. The quarries of Breccia Oniciata have a good production and the blocks extracted are usually medium and big sized. The slabs of Breccia Oniciata are highly veined and so the tiles are suitable for the book-match application. Breccia Oniciata is a marble with a strong structure, very hard and solid, especially after the resining of the slabs. Ziche vacuum resins all the slabs of Breccia Oniciata three times using epoxy resins. This high quality process, fixes all the micro-cracks, defects or the porosity which may occur. Breccia Oniciata is a marble commonly used for indoor and outdoor floorings, ventilate facades, stairs, claddings, tiles, countertops,..

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,Ziche il Marmo - Puntaziche
Also known as: Breccia Oniciata marble