Botticino Semiclassico

Botticino Semiclassico is a tremendously famous italian marble, extracted in the lower Alps, in the Brescia Province. The so called “Semiclassico” is the most common kind of marble Botticino . Ziche extracts great quantities of this marble in Paine and Bolla quarries. The Paine quarry has an extension of over 250.000 square metres and is the biggest quarry in the whole Botticino basin. The marble Botticino Semiclassico is characterised by a very elegant beige color, uniformly present on the background, on which some brown thin veins stand out. The structure is very strong and it allows outdoor and indoor applications, with many finishings, even if the most common one is the polished. Ziche labels all the branches in the quarries with numbers, so that it is possible to supply thousands of square metres of marble Botticino Semiclassico with a unique color tonality in every moment. . This marble is commonly use to realise floorings, stairs, claddings, ventilate facades, columns,..

Finishings: polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted,Ziche il Marmo - Puntaziche