The marble made in Italy

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Inerti, massi da scogliera marmo pietre
Blocchi di marmo, blocchi marmo
Lastre di marmo, lastre marmo
Pavimenti in marmo, pavimenti di marmo
Collezioni, ciotole, vasi, top, piani doccia, zoccolini

Ziche Marmi is an italian leading company in the production of blocks, slabs, tiles and crafted marble goods. Ziche has over 50 years of experience in the marble sector. Ziche realises both the extraction in owned quarries and the finishing in high technological plants.

The most important quarry owned by Ziche is located in the Botticino basin and has surface of over 250.000 mq, with more than 4km of mining-edge. Among the marbles extracted in the quarry, there are: Botticino Classico, Botticino Fiorito and Botticino Semiclassico. The marble tiles and slabs produced by Ziche are sold all over the world testifying the quality of our product made in Italy.

Among the marbles that we currently sell, there are: Arabescato, Azul Bahia, Bardiglio Carrara, White Gioia, White Perlino, White Carrara, Fiorito Fantastico, Breccia Oniciata, Breccia Sarda, Calacatta Carrara, Calacatta Gioia, Calacatta Oro, Crema Marfil, Daino Reale, Emperador Dark, Emperador Light, Fior Di pesco, Yellow Atlantide marble, Yellow Cleopatra, Yellow Istria, Yellow Reale, Yellow Siena, Grey Carnico, Jura, Palissandro Classico, Pietra Di Fossena, Pietra di Prun, Pietra Medea, Pietra Serena, Primavera, Pink Perlino, Pink Portogallo, Red Asiago, Red France, Red Verona, Saint Laurent, Silvia Oro, Statuarietto, Statuario marbe, Striato Olimpico, Trani Classico, Trani Fiorito, Travertino Classico, Verde Alpi, Verde Guatemala, Green Ming,..

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